Madurai Malli Fragrances

Madurai Malli

Madurai Malli Fragrances (MMF) is located in Nilakottai, near Madurai, Tamilnadu, which is the prime area of jasmine cultivation, especially Madurai Malli (Jasmine Sambac), Jasmine grandifloram, and Tuberose.

Dr. Uma Kannan is the author of the unique speciality book, “Madurai
Malligai – Madurai and its Jasmine – A Celebration”. With a compelling blend of cultural and historical facts, colourful illustrations, and breath-taking photographs, this multi-layered volume goes beyond coffee-table book clichés.

Our Product Details

Jasmine Sambac Concrete

Jasmine Grandiflorum Concrete

Our Jasmine Grandiflorum Concrete is obtained from locally grown Grandiflorum flowers.

Jasmine Sambac Concrete

Our Jasmine Sambac Concrete is obtained from freshly picked locally grown jasmine sambac (Madurai Malli) flowers.

Tuberose Concrete

Our tuberose concrete is obtained from freshly harvested tuberose flowers.

Madurai Malli

Unique Features of Madurai Malli Fragrances (MMF)

We have expertise from flower to fragrance

We are experts in the entire floral value chain

Madurai Malli Jasmine Trail – Curated by Uma Kannan, the jasmine trail takes visitors and tourists, through the entire jasmine value chain. This is a great opportunity to experience the regions jasmine fields, flower picking, sorting and visit to the wholesale flower market, extraction of the flowers, flower tying workshop, interaction with farmers and a look and whiff the floral Concretes and Absolutes!

Our Products

The Floral Concrete

Floral Concrete is a wax like substance containing natural flavour and fragrance. Our floral concretes are extracted from locally grown and sourced flowers.



We consistently produce high-quality floral concretes, meeting customer expectations, at competitive prices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Farmers training and enhancement activities. Women empowerment & awareness programs

Environmental Sustainability

Madurai Malli Fragrances manufacturing plant is surrounded by a large number of trees and plants.