Madurai Malli Fragrances



We consistently produce high-quality floral concretes, meeting customer expectations, at competitive prices.
Our products, consist of various high-quality floral concretes. We adopt solvent extraction, steam distillation and innovative vacuum technologies for superior quality.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

We provide

Farmers training and enhancement activities.

Women empowerment & awareness programs

Jasmine workshop and training to provide employment to local farmers and rural women, and educating farmers on best practices. Since 2008, we have been conducting many workshops and training programs for women in the craft of garland making and other products using flowers.

The economic impact in the lives of these rural women have been noteworthy.

Besides this, we run schools and colleges for our employees and the general public.

We also run micro lending programs for rural women.

Environmental Sustainability

Madurai Malli Fragrances manufacturing plant is surrounded by a large number of trees and plants.

MMF has a Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) setup for treating processed water and the treated water is reused.

We recycle condensate water, which is used for boiler purpose, therefore creating energy conservation. We do rain water harvesting.

We upcycle, our textile waste from parent companies into Briquettes (Bio-waste) for Boiler fuel usage.

MMF is a Plastic free zone.

Our group companies, largely produce solar power energy and wind mill power generation towards green energy. Our companies are committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious production.